Why Us ?

🌾 If the travelers choose the bus tour as an amazing holiday, you collect the cycling Cambodia and to explore the destination in detail and this is the keyword we would say the bicycle is a smart way for travelers. 

✨ And our www.cyclingcambodia.com is powered by Naek Tours & Vietnam By Bike Travel Co., Ltd tailormade an amazing country filled with a rich tapestry of art, culture, history and food…that has beautiful tropical beaches, breathtaking caves and mountain vistas…with strong and proud, yet warm and humble people…failed to attract as many tourists as other countries in the same region?

This sad fact continued to bother a young Cambodian man, Mr Samnang, so much that he was compelled to do something about it. With youthful passion and determination, plus a generous dose of entrepreneurial spirit, young Samnang decided he would turn his love of travel into a business that would help him beloved Cambodia gain recognition on the world tourism stage.

In 2007, as part of a national televised ‘Entrepreneur’ competition, Samnang and a group of her fellow students wrote a business proposal titled ‘Taste Cambodia with your six senses’. The aim of the proposal was to promote the hidden charms of Cambodia, and bring travellers to taste, feel, smell, touch, see and experience Cambodia in a real and personal way. Such was their passion and commitment to this idea, Samnang and her colleagues won the $10,000 USD first prize…and from this Vietnam By Bike was born.

The name Cycling Cambodia was chosen not only because it reflects innovation on the part of its founder (Samnang), but also because it encompasses the innovative spirit of the Cambodian people. Cycling Cambodia’s purpose is to provide customized and truly local excursions for its riders, and at the same time provide opportunity and economic benefits to local communities, as well as supporting and promoting sustainable tourism in Cambodia.

Cycling Cambodia provides the experience, you create the memories, your friends and family will hear the stories. Samnang loves Cycling Cambodia and became a coaching national cyclist team since 2007…and because of his passion and commitment to his amazing country, we know you will too.

💢 Toward sustainable tourism

💫 Our team philosophy

If it’s good for our customers, good for Cambodia, and good for the planet…then it’s good for us! At Cycling Cambodia all our team shares the same values and commitment to sustainable and rewardable tourism. We believe that all our tours should provide only benefits and value, never just cost or compromise…and it’s this philosophy we use as the basis for all of our tours.

💫 Our commitment

Today, human impact on the environment is a very real threat the world over. While tourism is affected by this, it is also a major contributor to the problem. As a responsible travel company which creates and promotes tourism, we see it as our personal responsibility to ensure that any negative impact we have on the environment is minimized, and we consciously work toward developing tours that help to protect and sustain the environment. This is our focus and commitment to protecting Cambodia and Indochina for future generations to enjoy.

💫 Our actions

Actions speak louder than words…so not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

💫 Local Ethical Tourism

Whenever and wherever possible, we will support locally owned and operated businesses who share the same values, philosophy, and commitments as we do. We hope that through interaction with people from across the globe, local Cambodian communities can learn the value of protecting the environment, and at the same time allow these communities to thrive while still maintaining their ethnic identities.

💫 Environmental Awareness

We know that wherever humans set foot they have an impact on the environment. In being aware of this we are able to consciously reduce this impact by carefully designing and selecting our tours so that we have as little impact as possible…and even hopefully have a positive impact through participating in local education and environmental programs. If the next stop on our tour is not too far, we will cycle instead of scooter or any bus on tours.